Gamify Your Fitness

Oct 26, 2022

 by Felix Gonzalez

I know too many people who dread their workouts. 


Are you one of them? 


If you are, it doesn’t have to be that way! 


There are many ways to make your workouts fun and something that you look FORWARD to doing. 


Because at the end of the day – it’s something we “get to” do instead of something we “have to” do, right? 


To switch things up, I came up with a few ways to gamify your fitness and have more fun!  


1) Use an app to track your DAILY goal! 

Let’s get into it:

Shoot for a daily movement goal that’s 1) achievable but 2) requires a little effort. 


You can set step goals, calorie burn goals, etc. – whatever works for you! 


And here’s the fun part: Get a streak going and keep it going! 


See how many days in a row you can do it! 


I have a friend who has been on a streak for more than 736 DAYS! 




You better believe she isn’t letting anything get in her way now.


  • TIP 1: Reward yourself every 30 days.
  • TIP 2: Keep your goal reasonable – the idea is to create consistency and make the process enjoyable, not punishment.


2) Walk all of Central Park (or anywhere else in the world).


Think of a landmark you’ve always wanted to visit. 


Then look up online how far away it is from your home. 


Tally all your steps/mileage every day until you reach it, and then give yourself a great reward!


3) Let music run the show. 


Turn your favorite songs into an interval timer during your next cardio workout. 


During the chorus sections, speed up and slow down during the verses to recover.


4) Join a new league or take up a sport!


Go golfing, join a beach volleyball team, try bowling, play badminton, ride a bike, shoot hoops, go to the batting cage, kick the soccer ball around, go swimming, learn to surf, or take a dance class. 


Have fun!


Doing sports or other activities (especially with others!) can be a great way to stay active and get out of the house. 


5) Work out with a great group or work with a coach! 


They will keep your workouts fresh, fun, and effective – and help you track your progress.


What’s YOUR favorite way to get in more FUN with your workouts? 


Reply in the comment section! I’m always looking for new ideas.


Keep grinding, and never let up!