Coaches and Ghosts

Jan 18, 2020

 by Felix Gonzalez

There are ghosts and then there are coaches.

Let me explain...

In my line of work coaching is a necessity.... .meaning as a coach and studio owner I also need a coach. Someone that can mentor and guide me, someone who I pay for their services and time because its valuable to me and anyone who does what I do..

Coaches.... Through thick and thin support you every step of the way. They don't disappear when life gets in the way because it's an example that they should not be setting for you to follow. Running when life gets hard (like i need to get my stuff together). Ashamed and hiding.
They use their hard lessons learned to guide and mentor you in a way that you will understand what happened, but also so you do not make the same mistakes as they did. Although it will not shield you from making the mistake they did, you should not do it in a way that they did it, make sense?

They should practice what they preach in all areas in their lives. Self, spiritually, family or relationships and business practices!

They should be or need to be humble, but confident in their ability to lead! Lack of experience (this is for my young guys, dont take offense to this) usually follows the cockiness of a person, with no humility!

And lastly, they must be able to adapt, overcome, and conquer…

With so much noise in the world… the top 3 will separate the ghosts from real coaches….

Now for the ghosts…

This is one easy is easy to spot!

This is the man or woman who will come on a platform, profess to solve a problem no one has ever been able to solve, follow specific marketing tactics.. Give you a bunch of free stuff, sell some stuff or services while they are at it… and then disappear…

And when they run dry weeks or month later, come back and do it again.. There is no consistency.. They come and make a quick sale and then bounce… They are hypocrites with giving advice but dont live it, then make claims with their lives needing to be in order so they needed to take a break to disconnect and figure themselves out..and although there may be some truth to this, ghosts, do it all the time.. which is something they should not be teaching anyway. They should be getting coaching from someone who will not let them get away with that crap anymore. 🤣

This is totally normal…but not for someone who claims to be a coach.. Dont put on shoes you cant fit or wear, and be proud of the fact that you are still finding your journey and path, as oppose to creating victims in people with your victim mentality!
So something to think about from a man who’s now a Coach, but have played both the roles of a ghost and a coach..

Beware of the ghost…. There are a lot of them out there.. They have alias’s like “marketers” , “consultants” and many more. They are in all industries... fitness and real estate seem to be the worst, lol. But they are out there. They
fake it till they make it, hoping you will be one of their stepping stones to their make it…

The one who openly admits consistently that they dont have it figured it out, but are learning every day, and will continue to learn and still has created success while failing “consistently”… that’s the one you should keep or go after…

I got your back…Lets get it! 💪