Dec 20, 2016


So we are on a mission to be lean or leaner, healthier, fitter, stronger but we find ourselves stuck or in rut to make it happen. We find ways to simplify the process of eating in order to get better results, but still SEE NO RESULTS. 

We often forget the basics when we are trying to lose weight. We complicate the process and starve ourselves along the way. We even go in great lengths on jumping from fad to fad diet thinking that we may uncover the hidden secret or find magic pill that will finally help us lose this weight that we so desperately want to one day realize, yet again, epic failure. 

While doing all these things we forget the single most simplest thing that can be the catalyst to bridging all of our efforts together! 

Can you guess what it is? 

Well it’s in the title. WATER

Being hydrated. 

Studies show that being dehydrated can hinder your ability to lose weight and burn fat. 

It makes sense right. I mean your eating pretty awesome, but still nothing is happening because you’re drinking 32oz of water per day or less. 

If we are not drinking enough water per day, our metabolism will not function at peak performance, our digestive system will not do it’s job efficiently, thus hindering your weight loss efforts.

In addition to that, you’re probably feeling sluggish and can’t seem to have energy through out the day. Well “tada” , dehydration sucks. 

So, if you want to improve your performance , feel great and lose weight…then drink more water. 

Start with half your body weight in ounces

And go up from there. Listen to your body it will tell you. General rule thumb is about a gallon or more per day if you’re an adult. 
Young children should be doing half their body weight as well and adjusting from there. 

I personally do 1 3/4 gallons a day which works for me, 

Make this quick fix and see how it helps you in the long run. 

Oh and last thing…

If you’re hydrated and are pretty good about drinking enough water, then I suggest you take another look at what you’re putting into your body. 

Until next time. Good luck! 

Stay motivated,