Faith and Determination

Jul 1, 2016


What’s up everybody???!! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. So decided to throw something up today that was on my mind!

Craaaaazzzyyy workout this morning!! There are a few photos attached from this morning workout…Everyone was on fire… Love working and jumping in with clients.. Especially when they run circles around me.. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. lol, but I guess it shows how much they are improving and how efficient their health is becoming….

It’s not easy getting up when you don’t want to…

Committing to putting your body through intense, vigorous workouts, mental toughness when your mind is telling you NO! Go back to sleep…

But you don’t, and you suck it up, and get the moving!!!

“Embrace the SUCK” (adopted from sealfit  )… is something we always say around here…

And it holds truth to the way we train at FGP, because sometimes it does suck! lol …. but we know if we just keep pushing and do not let up, that victory will be right around the corner.

This is an ever growing lifestyle, it can and it will not happen overnight.

Your success on your health and fitness goals will be based on your WILL to keep pushing.

My determination and will to succeed is NOW based on having faith that the Lord will empower you and grace you with his strength to prevail, but only if you believe in him. Truly believe in him and accept him as your Lord and Savior. I HAVE!

And I say NOW, because it wasn’t always that way for me.. But it is the way I live life now, and will continue to do so until my last breathe. Until the day I see Jesus and give him a big fat hug and we’re doing burpees, jump squats, and deadlifting in Heaven. You best believe we’re going to be working out when I arrive.. 

And let me tell you it’s not an easy journey, but worth every last breath I take and by far the BEST decision I have ever made!

You will be scrutinized, looked bad upon, talked about, dissed, and maybe even alone, but that’s the journey, all you can do is sit back, laugh a little or a lot, love them (your commanded to do so by your lord and savior) and pray for them – its the best gift you can give to anyone…

If you hold long on enough, what is supposed to be, and what is supposed to happen, and will be and will happen, will be so!

Why? Because the Lord wills it!

There is a new purpose, a new mission for me besides helping people get in better shape, and that is bringing more people closer to the Lord, through fitness, prayer, and inspiration!

Hence our Catch phrase at FGP.. Strength * Unity * Perseverance

So have an amazing day ya’ll and get up when you feel knocked down… smile when you think your having a bad day.. brush your shoulders off when something negative comes your way.. and look up to the sky and give thanks!!!

Remember, you’re still breathing, and you have the best love anyone could have and receive, and that’s God’s Love!

One Love,

Coach Fe